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download m2v
m2v version 0.9 beta 1 full 3.2MB stuffit archive | free now! | this is the old version of m2v
m2v version 0.9 beta 2.4 demo | MacOS X! new! free! | this shows all the features of m2v. quits after some weird time.
m2v version 0.9 beta 2.4 full | become a beta tester for m2v!

to become a betatester, send me an email with the following information:

_VJ / artist name_
_real name_
_city (country) you live_
_email / website URL_
_what you use m2v for_
_video/music style you like_
_how much would you pay for m2v_
you can send me any additional information if you like ;-)

and i will send you an account for downloading the full betaversion.

send your information to:
please report any bugs using m2v, and suggestions about features.
from time to time, you will get news about m2v and how things are going on.