m2v - music to video VJ-tool

for MacOS 9 (classic) and NEW for MacOS X!

(c)2000-2003 philipp wassermann, garderobe23

version 09 beta 2.4 | download | help | info

there is no new version out now. the beta 2.4 is expired on 26th of nov. 2004, but it will still work.

i'll keep you informed via the mailing list if anything new is coming...

beta 24 is out now!

works in Panther!

m2v is a VJ-tool.
it moves quicktime movies to life music.
runs only on macs.

see a screenshot of what is new.
read the help to find out how it works.
you can download a demo version.


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NOTE: m2v is NOT a tool to play .m2v files.
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