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m2v is programmed and designed by philipp wassermann / garderobe23 / berlin
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the disco is getting medial: for a lot of clubs light and fog is not enough anymore. more and more the dj is supported by the VJ - the Video-Jockey. he is presenting little pieces of animated movies on TV-screens or beamer and mixes his different sources together just like the DJ does.

m2v is beeing developed for the VJ - th software gives him the possibility of a direct connection of the actual music and his videowork - it converts the audiosignal from the dj to a step-signal for the movies.

via a selection-menue the VJ can load any type of digital movie into the system (the movie must be playable by apples quicktime technology). m2v provides a frequency-band (FFT- Fast Forier Transformation) and the VJ can choose a single frequence and set some parameters to connect the peaks of the audiosignal to the framesteps of the movie.

the application is for macintosh only. i dont work with windows and i would be happy never have to. but hey, if someone has to and likes it and is interested in porting it to: it is written in director, and uses quicktime technologie. if you know somthing about this, feel free to contact me!